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JCU Authors Bibliography

Danica Pušić

Publications from 2012 on

Pušić, Danica. 2023. “From Antiquity to Today: Reflections on Paideia and Humanitas.” In Humanism and Beyond: Past, Present, and Future of the Humanities in Liberal Arts Education, edited by Fabrizio Conti and Stefan Lorenz Sorgner. Budapest: Trivent.

Copernicus, Nicolaus. 2014. Šest Knjiga O Kruženjima Nebeskih Sfera. Translated by Danica Pušić and Natalija Veljković. Novi Sad: Akademska Knjiga.

Pušić, Danica. 2013. “Past in the Serbian Variant of Serbo-Croatian: Distribution of Verbal Tenses in Various Register.” Scando-Slavica 59 (1): 108–137.