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JCU Authors Bibliography




Welcome to the JCU Authors Bibliography


This is the first step in an ongoing project aiming at collecting, organizing, preserving and disseminating the intellectual output of the John Cabot University community. The bibliography includes all the works displayed at the JCU AUTHORS 2016 exhibit (October 7-11), which showed faculty works published, in most of the cases, since 2012. More complete lists of publications for all the professors working full-time in the University are also included.

Each single item listed underwent bibliographic control through direct inspection or online source-checking tools, and links to the full text have been added whenever possible. Entries are arranged in inverse chronological order, then alphabetically by author.

Focusing only on textual works, our effort necessarily presents a limited perspective on the numerous activities and projects ongoing in the JCU community, and in this initial stage it does not acknowledge the pre-2012 production of many professors. This being a work in progress, we will gladly appreciate suggestions, corrections and additions.

The JCU AUTHORS exhibit could never have been done without the active contribution of many participants, who generously provided information and items, either as donations or loans. We warmly thank them all.

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