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Communications: Find Books

An introductory guide for communication and media studies, journalism and cinema.

Subjects in the Library Catalog

Try to make the most out of the subject headings in the library catalogs. Some examples of official subject headings are listed below:

Subject headings can be subdivided in one or more elements. The first element is the main heading and tells you what the book is about; the subsequent elements are called subdivisions, they follow the main heading, and add specificity to the main topic.

Some subdivisions can be very helpful for improving your research. Here are some examples:

-- Political aspects is used when you want to identify the political dimension of a non-political topic.

ex.: Media -- Political aspects

-- Social aspects  is used to describe the effect an item or a discipline and society on each other.

ex.: Mass media -- Social aspects

-- Psychological aspects is used to give a psychological perspective to the main search topic.

ex.: Popular culture -- Psychological aspects


Browse the Shelves

Most of the books on communications and media studies can be found on the shelves in these sections:


HM1176-1281: Social influence

HM1206: Social aspects of mass media

HM1221: Social psychology of public relations

HN1-995: Social history of the media

P87-96: Communication and mass media

PN1993-1999: Cinema

PN4699-5650: Journalism

PN4756: Journalistic ethics


eBook Collections

Can't Find It @ JCU?

For materials that are not available via the Frohring Library, you can submit an interlibrary loan request and ask for a copy of the item to be sent here.

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