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Conference Sessions and Presentations

Conference Sessions and Presentations [APA 10.5]

Author Date Title Source
Conference information DOI or URL
Presenter, A., & Presenter, B. B.

(2020, September 18-21).

(2020, September 30-October 3).

Title of contribution [Type of contribution]. Conference name, Location.



Examples - Conference Session

 Reference Entry

Fistek, A., Jester, E., & Sonnenberg, K. (2017, July 12–15). Everybody’s got a little music in them: Using music therapy to connect, engage, and motivate [Conference session]. Autism Society National Conference, Milwaukee, WI, United States.


Corresponding In-Text Citations

Parenthetical citation: (Fistek et al., 2017)

Narrative citation: Fistek et al. (2017)

Examples - Paper Presentation

 Reference Entry

Weijer, I., Ehnberg, K., Grd, D., Kisic, B., Garrido-Lestache, J., & Tsalatsouzy, M. (2013, January 7-11). The influence of joining the European Union on human trafficking [Paper presentation]. European Conference on Information Warfare and Security, Paris, France.


Corresponding In-Text Citations

Parenthetical citation: (Weijer et al., 2013)

Narrative citation: Weijer et al. (2013)


Examples - Poster Presentation

 Reference Entry

Pearson, J. (2018, September 27–30). Fat talk and its effects on state-based body image in women [Poster presentation]. Australian Psychological Society Congress, Sydney, NSW, Australia.


Corresponding In-Text Citations

Parenthetical citation: (Pearson, 2018)

Narrative citation: Pearson (2018)


Published Conference Proceedings

Conference proceedings published in a journal or book follow the same format as for a journal article, edited book, or edited book chapter.