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Moodle Quickstart Guide for Faculty

Taking attendance

Taking attendance is very simple. 

If you click on the Attendance Activity, you will see the sessions list:

The play button on the right side will give you access to the attendance log.

Alternatively, you can access the attendance log by clicking on Take Attendance from the Attendance Block


To take attendance you only have to check the appropriate option for each student.

Note that the column headings are active links that will allow you to change the status of all the students at once. So if everyone is present, you can simply click on P and change everyone's status to "Present". If only one person is absent, you could first set everyone's status to "Present", and then edit the absent student's status to "Absent".

You can also add additional remarks.

When you have finished taking attendance, you simply click on Save attendance.


Once you have saved the attendance, you can reopen a session and make changes.

You can also have a full report of every session's attendance by clicking on Report from the top bar.


Attendance reports can be easily generated from the Export tab.