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Manage Account

How to Manage Your Account

1. To access your account, go to the JCU Discovery and click Sign in in the upper right corner:

2. Select JCU NETID LOGIN and log in with your JCU NetID:

***Important***: Alumni, guests, and all the patrons who are not currently enrolled students, faculty, or staff, must log in as External users. Please see here for further instructions.

3. Select My Account from the upper right menu available under your name (Giovanna in this example):

4. By selecting Checkouts, your current loans will be displayed including both local items and Interlibrary Loan items. You can check due dates and renew your loans:

5. On the Requests page, you can view, edit and cancel your hold requests:

6. You can find information about your Profile, the Fees, and your Search activity. 
Select Search activity from the My Account menu. You are able to:

  • View recent searches
  • Re-run a search query by clicking on the term in the Your search column
  • Delete search queries
  • Share search queries
  • Promote a search history to a permanently saved search

7. You can enable borrowing history for your account to see a list of materials that you have previously had on loan or used for in-library use.
You must go to the Profile tab and toggle on the Enable my borrowing history option.

Note: No history will appear in the Borrowing history tab until you has returned at least one item to the library after enabling the feature.

You can disable borrowing history at any time via the Profile tab.