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Place Holds

How to Put a Checked Out Item on Hold

If you need to borrow an item, you need to put it on hold for yourself.


1. Click on the title and open the record, then select Hold request:



2. Log into your library account (you can find instructions here):


***Important***: Alumni, guests, and all the patrons who are not currently enrolled students, faculty, or staff, must log in as External users. Please see here for further instructions.

4. Select Submit from the request window:


5. The following message will confirm the success of the action. Through View requests you will be able to see all of your requests at a glance:


An email will notify you when the item is ready for pick up from the Welcome Desk. If the item is on loan, your request will be queued. You can check the status of your requests at any time through your Library account, under Requests: