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MLA Style: Other Sources

Other Sources

Author. Title of Source. Title of container, other contributors, version, number, publisher, publication date, location.


The 8th edition of the MLA Handbook was devised to take into consideration all types of sources, therefore the list of core elements includes all possible sources. To cite any source, you simply follow the pattern of elements and skip those that are not relevant for the source itself.

In this section, we include some special cases that might be helpful when working on a research project.

Films and Videos

Film and TV Shows

Scott, Ridley, director. Blade Runner. 1982. Performance by Harrison Ford, director's cut, Warner Bros., 1992.

The Walking Dead. Created by Frank Darabont, AMC Studios, 2010-2016.


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TV episodes 

"Strangers." The Walking Dead, created by Frank Darabont, performance by Andrew Lincoln, season 5, episode 2, AMC Studios, 2014.


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Online Videos

Feinberg, Danielle. "The Magic Ingredient that Brings Pixar movies to Life." YouTube, TedTalks, 28 Apr. 2016,

​"StoryCorps Shorts: The Bookmobile." POV, PBS, 13 Apr. 2016,


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Untitled Book Reviews


King, Bruce. Review of White Teeth, by Zadie Smith. World Literature Today, vol. 75, no. 1, Winter 2001, pp. 116-117. JSTOR,


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Theses and Dissertations

To cite a dissertation, you should provide the name of the author, the title of the work in italics (it is a standalone work), and the date of publication/discussion. As an optional element you can include the name of the institution granting the degree, and a description of the type of work (i.e. PhD dissertation, Master's thesies, etc.).



Chilelli, Justin. Intervention in Yugoslavia. 2007. John Cabot U, BA thesis.

Sofiani, Lily. China's Presence in Rwanda and Africa, through the Lens of the Product Life Cycle Theory. 2013. U California Los Angeles, Master's thesis. Political Science Database,


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If you accessed the dissertation through an online repository, include this fact as the title of the second container.


Njus, Jesse. Performing the Passion: A Study on the Nature of Medieval Acting. 2010. Northwestern U, PhD dissertation. ProQuest,


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Blogs and Social Networks

Blog Posts

Hollmichel, Stephanie. "Wanderlust." So Many Books, 28 July 2016,


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Comments Posted on a Web Page

cirtnecce. Comment on "Wanderlust." So Many Books, 29 July 2016,


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@librarycongress. "World War 1 Centennial: Brush up on your #WW1 trivia questions using our primary resources." Twitter, 27 July 2016, 1:30 pm, 


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Works of Art

Works of Art (firsthand experience)

Bernini, Gianlorenzo. Ecstasy of St. Teresa. Marble, 1645-1652, Cornaro Chapel, S. Maria della Vittoria, Rome, Italy.


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Works of Art in an Online Platform 

Bernini, Gianlorenzo. Ecstasy of St. Teresa. Detail, marble, 1645-1652, Cornaro Chapel, S. Maria della Vittoria, Rome, Italy. ARTstor,


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Sound Recordings


Beyoncé. "Pretty Hurts." Beyoncé, Parkwood Entertainment, 2013,

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Così Fan Tutte. Performance by Philharmonic Orchestra & Chorus, conducted by Herbert von Karajan, EMI, 1999.

Springsteen, Bruce. "Born in the U.S.A." Born in the U.S.A., Columbia, 1984.


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Unexpected Types of Work

If you are citing a source in an "unexpected type of work," you can identify it by using a descriptive label that will be placed at the end of the regular entry.


Brown, Tim. “ Design.” Compiled by Michael Keller, 2009. PDF file.

Lebrun, David, director. "Cracking the Maya Code." Nova, PBS, 8 Apr. 2008, Transcript.


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Examples of unexpected types of work are:




A file format (e.g. PDF file)