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MLA Style: MLA Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography - 9th Edition

The Ninth Edition of the MLA Handbook introduces a brief section about the annotated bibliography. In terms of formatting the requirement is to indent annotations an inch from the start of the bibliographic entry, which helps avoid confusion with the half-inch hanging indentation of long entries.

Goals of annotations are:

  • description of sources
  • evaluation of sources
  • description and evaluation of sources

Recommendations of what annotations should NOT contain include:

  • minor details
  • evidence
  • quotation of the source author
  • recount of steps in an argument

Annotations may contain either succint phrases or complete sentences, and consist of one paragraph only or multiple paragraphs (in which case indentation is required, but not extra space between paragraphs). The suggestion is to follow the instructor's guidelines on annotation length (one or more paragraphs) and structure (phrase-based or sentence-based).

Titles for the page can be:

  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Annotated List of Works Cited

Organization of entries can be:

  • by author or title (as in a regular Work Cited)
  • by publication date
  • by subject