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Moodle Quickstart Guide for Students

Participating in Discussions

Many professors use forums as a way to discuss specific topics with the students.

Posting a reply to a forum is a straightforward process:

  1. Go to the course homepage.

  2. Find the Forum you want to post in, and click the Forum link.

  3. Click the discussion you want to reply in to open it.

  4. Click Reply in the lower right corner of the post.

  5. Edit the Subject, or leave it as is. Changing the subject will not start a new thread.

  6. Type in or copy and paste text in the message area.

  7. To attach a file, drag-and-drop into the Attachment area or click the Add button.

  8. Click Post to Forum.


IMPORTANT - If you think your reply is going to be long, we highly recommend composing the post in your favorite text editor (e.g., Word, Google Docs, etc), then copying and pasting this text into the posting. This will ensure that work is not lost if your session times out during composition.


 If you have problems posting to a forum, or if you do not see the Reply option, get in touch with your professor or with

Discussion Updates

You will probably receive emails every time other people post to a Forum in your Moodle course. This is controlled by two different settings:

  • The subscription settings for the forum, set by your instructor. Depending on the settings chosen by your instructor, you might be able to change the type of subscription in some forums. In some cases, the instructor might decide to force all students to be subscribed to the forum, therefore you will not be able to change the subscription settings.

  • Your own forum preferences in your Moodle profile. You can only set one option for this for all of your Moodle classes.