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Bloomberg Guide: About Bloomberg Professional Service

About Bloomberg Professional Service



Bloomberg Professional Service provides in-depth company profiles, real-time news, current and historical financial and industrial data, U.S. and international economic indicators, and quotes and technical analysis on U.S. and international securities.

Access to the Bloomberg Terminals is temporarily suspended due the the Library closure for the Covid-19 emergency.

If you need to access the Terminal for research purposes, get in touch with Livia Piotto ( as she will be able to conduct research for you using Bloomberg Anywhere.

If you need to access the Terminal for the certificate BMC, get in touch with your professor to verify whether your class has access to it. More information is available on the Bloomberg for Education guide.

Where to Access Bloomberg

Two Bloomberg Terminals are available in the Frohring Library. 


bloomberg Aurelian Wing

One terminal is located in the Aurelian Wing. 












Bloomberg Learning Hall

The second terminal is located in the Learning Hall and it is connected to a projector, in case faculty members would like to use it for instruction.









The two workstations can be used on a first come first served basis. Use of Bloomberg Terminals is for JCU Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni.


The terminal in the Learning Hall might not be available due to scheduled sessions in the room; a calendar is available to verify if the room is open to the public.



Logging into a Terminal

Double click on the Bloomberg desktop icon, then press Enter or <Go> to get started. The login credentials are printed and posted next to the terminals.





Creating an account


Having a Bloomberg account allows you to personalize your monitors and charts, and to save personal settings. 

1.Select the Create New Login option below the username and password fields.

2. Follow the instructions to set up the account. 

Work and mobile numbers can be the same. 

3. Select the email option to receive the confirmation number that you will need to enter to activate your account.


You will need this login credentials every time you want to use a Bloomberg terminal.

Getting Started