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The Frohring Library coordinates the access to Turnitin®, a plagiarism detection service that checks submitted files against its vast database of other submitted papers, and against the content of published books and periodicals, and other websites.

JCU Turnitin® instance is available at


You might include a notice that you plan to use Turnitin on your course syllabus. A short line, such as “Please note that your papers may be submitted to Turnitin.” should suffice.  If you decide to start using the service in the middle of a term, please discuss the matter with your students, informing them of your reasons for doing so.

If you detect that substantial portions of a student's assignment have been plagiarized, report the issue to Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Prof. Pamela Harris (

Turnitin® and Moodle

Our Turnitin® instance is integrated with our LMS Moodle, therefore if you have a Moodle course and you create a Turnitin assignment, a Turnitin® account will also be automatically created.

For details about using the plagiarism detection plugin in Moodle, refer to the appropriate section in the Moodle guide:

Turnitin® without Moodle

Instructors cannot add themselves to the institutional Turnitin account. 

If you wish to have an account in Turnitin without using Moodle, the Turnitin administrator has to add you as an instructor first. 

Livia Piotto is the Turnitin administrator in the Library. If you wish to be added as an instructor in Turnitin you can contact her at