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New Acquisitions

Here you can see the items that have been recently acquired by the library and made available on the shelves, both physical and electronic.

New Books - NOVEMBER 2023

Calvino A-Z
The day of the jackal
Heaven & earth : cities and countryside in Byzantine Greece
How posters work
Geschichte des Plakates = Histoire de l'affiche = History of the poster
Elettricità€ : dalla storia della tecnica alla storia dell'arte
Roman stories
I is another : Septology III-V
The great white bard : Shakespeare, race and the future
Ancient women writers of Greece and Rome
The stronghold
The Villa Farnesina : palace of Venus in renaissance Rome
Favoloso Calvino : Il mondo come opera d'arte : Carpaccio, de Chirico, Gnoli, Melotti e gli altri
The Penguin dictionary of literary terms and literary theory
Revolutionary apocalypse : ideological roots of terrorism
The new Oxford companion to literature in French
How documentaries work
 The gods drink whiskey : stumbling toward enlightenment in the land of the tattered Buddha
I'm not yelling : a Black woman's guide to navigating the workplace
 Livy's women : crisis, resolution, and the female in Rome's foundation history
American whitelash : the resurgence of racial violence in our time
Roman inequality affluent slaves, businesswomen, legal fictions
Facing China : the prospect for war and peace
Geopolitics and democracy : the Western liberal order from foundation to fracture
Classical mythology : a guide to the mythical world of the Greeks and Romans
The Cambridge world history of genocide
Selected poems
Justice and legitimacy in upbringing
Television in the streaming era : the global shift
Confessions of the fox
Renegotiating the liberal order : evidence from the UN security council
Future book(s) : sharing ideas on books and (art) publishing = Toekomstboek(en) : over (kunst)publicaties en uitgeven
A new name : Septology VI-VII
The Penguin book of historic speeches
Corporate finance
The Blood telegram : Nixon, Kissinger, and a forgotten genocide
Strategy in politics : plotting victory in a democracy
Positive influence : the first and last mile of leadership
Let's spend the night together : sex, pop music and British youth culture, 1950s-80s
Contro l'impegno : Riflessioni sul Bene in letteratura
The art of the observer : a personal view of documentary
Visual methodologies : an introduction to researching with visual materials
Image and text in Graeco-Roman antiquity
The ruin of Kasch
Practical English usage
The Associated Press stylebook, 2022-2024
The political forms of modern society : bureaucracy, democracy, totalitarianism
The French Revolution : recent debates and new controversies
Logics of history : social theory and social transformation
Calling bullshit : the art of scepticism in a data-driven world
Born a crime : stories from a South African childhood
Agnostic : a spirited manifesto
Heaven & earth : art of Byzantium from Greek collections