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New Acquisitions

Here you can see the items that have been recently acquired by the library and made available on the shelves, both physical and electronic.

New Books - APRIL 2024

The worlds I see : curiosity, exploration, and discovery at the dawn of AI
Visual activism in the 21st century : art, protest and resistance in an uncertain world
Workers of all colors unite : race and the origins of American socialism
From unincorporated territory [åmot]
The industrial Brontës : advocates for women's equality in a turbulent age
The lies of the land : seeing rural America for what it is--and isn't
What is ChatGPT doing ... and why does it work?
Verified : how to think straight, get duped less, and make better decisions about what to believe online
No rules rules : Netflix and the culture of reinvention
Artificial unintelligence : how computers misunderstand the world
Co-intelligence : living and working with AI
The librarian's guide to learning theory : practical applications in library settings
The patriarchs: how men came to rule
Women philosophers of the early modern period
Reality+ : virtual worlds and the problems of philosophy
Reality+ : virtual worlds and the problems of philosophy
A difficult heritage : the afterlives of Fascist-era art and architecture
Security in the cyber age : an introduction to policy and technology
Venice triumphant : the horizons of a myth
The Fourth Crusade : the conquest of Constantinople, [1201-1204]
Byzantium and Venice : a study in diplomatic and cultural relations
Unmasking AI : my mission to protect what is human in a world of machines
 Negotiating secular and sacred in medieval art : Christian, Islamic, and Buddhist
What is ChatGPT doing ... and why does it work?
Euroscepticism as a transnational and pan-European phenomenon : the emergence of a new sphere of opposition
Literary Afrofuturism in the twenty-first century
The art of cruelty : a reckoning
MLA guide to undergraduate research in literature
Why England slept
The Byzantine world
Start with why : how great leaders inspire everyone to take action
From ancient to modern
White girls
The conflict over the conflict : the Israel/Palestine campus debate