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Access to Electronic Resources: Google Scholar


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Access to Electronic Resources via Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a great tool for doing research, and it often allows to find the full-text of articles that are not otherwise available through the Library resources. It also prompts you to pay to get access for full-text articles that, in many cases, are already freely accessible to JCU members through one of the Library's subscription databases or journals. 

Now we have integrated the Library resources with Google Scholar.

When you are doing research at JCU, you will be automatically redirected to all those resources that are available in full-text. If you are working remotely, you can use Google Scholar's Library Links feature to identify yourself as a JCU member. This allows you to find full-text library resources directly through Google Scholar results.

Let's see how this works is details.


If you search for an article in Google Scholar that is not available in full-text, you are likely to find something like this:

Scholar results


To enable Google Scholar's Library Links feature, you must select John Cabot University in the settings menu. Once you set and save your preferences, you will be able to link to library resources retrieved with a Google Scholar search.

Click on the menu icon on the Google Scholar page.

Scholar settings


Select settings.

Google settings


Click on Library Links.

Scholar Library Links


Type John Cabot University in the search box.

Scholar JCU library link


Select John Cabot University and save your selection. For ease of use, deselect ACNP as well.

Scholar JCU selection


Now you are ready to search Google Scholar to identify JCU held full-text articles. On the right side of Google Scholar's results page, you will see a John Cabot University link when the article is held by the Library.

Scholar JCU link


You will be redirected to the library catalog where you can access the full-text of your article.

Library catalog