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Literary Awards: Premio Strega / Strega Europeo

Premio Strega - The Latest Winners

Premio Strega Winner 2023 - ADA D'ADAMO

Ada D'Adamo (Ortona, 1967 - Rome, 2023) won in 2023 with Come d'aria, an autobiographical novel chronicling the relationship between the author and her heavily disabled daughter, after being diagnosed with cancer. D'Adamo is the third author to receive the Premio Strega posthumously after Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa in1959 and Mariateresa Di Lascia in 1995.

In the video below, the announcement is followed by a detailed presentation of the winning novel:

Premio Strega Europeo Winner 2023 - EMMANUEL CARRÈRE

The 2023 prize went to Emmanuel Carrère (Paris, France, 1957) for V13 (Id., 2022, Italian translation: V13. Cronaca giudiziaria), which collects and expands the articles Carrère wrote for some of Europe's most prestigious newspapers while following the trial of the only surviving perpetrator of the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13, 2015.

Premio Strega

The Premio Strega was launched in Rome in 1947 by writers Goffredo e Maria Bellonci (with the contribution of Guido Alberti, manufacturer of Strega liquor from which the prize took its name) to revitalize the cultural life of the country after the devastation of World War II.

Through the decades, the winning titles have aimed at widening in the Italian reading public the perception and consciousness of changes occurring in the country in terms of economy, culture and society.

The winner is chosen annually among books published between April 1 of the previous year and March 31 of the current year.
Further information on the prize are available on its 50 years anniversary page on the Library of Congress website.

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Premio Strega Europeo - The latest winners (English translations when available)