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Literary Awards: Pulitzer Prizes

Latest Winners for Fiction

Official announcements for 2022

Video starts automatically with the announcement of Poetry finalists. Fiction finalists are announced at 38:18.

Pulitzer Prize for Fiction Winner 2024 - JAYNE ANNE PHILLIPS

Jayne Anne Phillips (Buckhannon, West Virginia, 1952) won with her eighth novel, Night Watch. The story follows 12-yer-old ConaLee and her mother Eliza as they try to heal both the wounds of the American Civil War and Eliza's mental health in an institution in 1874 West Virginia.

Pulitzer Prize for Poetry Winner 2024 - BRANDON SOM

Brandon Som (Phoenix, Arizona, 1975) won the 2023 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry with his second official collection, Tripas: Poems, which borrows from the author's experience growing up of mixed Chinese and Mexican heritage.

Pulitzer Prizes

Joseph Pulitzer, an American newspaper editor and publisher born in Hungary, devoted part of his fortune to establish what has became one of the most prestigious American prizes.

Assigned since 1917, the Pulitzer Prize promotes excellence in American journalism, drama, music and letters. Recently, the number of awarded disciplines expanded to include poetry and photography.

The Library collects all winning titles for fiction and poetry since 2000. There was no award for Fiction in 2012.

Latest Winners for Poetry