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PL 212 International Organizations: General Resources

Political Science Journals and Articles

If in your research you need to find scholarly journals you can explore our e-journals collection.

Selected Journals

The Library subscribes to several scholarly journals on political science and international affairs. They can be found either in print in the Library on online through the subscription databases.

Here is a selection:

Other Useful Guides

Think Tanks

"A think tank is an organization devoted to research, whether in the sciences or related to public policy. Policy think tanks, often called policy institutes, are often but not always partisan in their design: for instance, the Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation, and Center for American Progress are American policy institutes promoting libertarianism, conservatism, and progressivism, respectively."1

Think tanks are great resources for getting access to current research. Their publications may include books and journals, but also working papers, policy briefs, and reports.

The database CIAO gives access to a great number of publications produced by internationally recognized think tanks, and it is also a gateway to access the institutions websites.


1"Think tank," in Leadership Glossary: Essential Terms for the 21st Century, edited by Jeni Mcray, (Mission Bell Media, 2015).

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