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Academic Transfer Credit Policies

International Education Systems and Grading Scales


If you are a current JCU student and you are going to study abroad at a higher education institution that does not operate within the U.S. educational system and does not adopt the same grading scale as John Cabot University, please note that all grades earned abroad will be converted to match our grading scale.

Below you can find some international grading scale equivalencies. If the country/higher education institution in which you are planning to study abroad is not listed below please contact the Registrar's Office to enquire further. 

You may also find use in consulting our institution-specific grading scale equivalency database. Should the university you are planning to attend have a different grading scale than the official one adopted by John Cabot University and should it not appear on the database, please contact the Registrar's Office to enquire further. 


If you are in the process of applying to John Cabot University or you intend to do so, the guides below will help you understand how your country's Higher Education structure, grading scale and credits compare to the credit system adopted at JCU. Should your country not be listed below please contact the Registrar's Office to enquire further.