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Academic Transfer Credit Policies

Direct Exchange - Application Procedures and Program Eligibility

If you are a current JCU student and are interested in studying abroad through our Direct Exchange Program, please refer to the official Direct Exchange Program webpage for information regarding the application process and the program's eligibility requirements.

Academic Policy: Repeated Courses

Courses in which a student received a final grade of C- or below may be repeated. No grade is removed from the transcript, but only the last grade received in a course is considered in computing a student's grade point average and credits earned. This pertains only to classes taken and repeated at JCU. If a class is repeated outside JCU, both the initial grade and the subsequent grade will appear on the transcript and will be considered in calculating a student's grade point average.

Academic Policy: Transferring credits while matriculated at JCU

Students who are currently matriculated may transfer credit for courses taken at other institutions by submitting a Course Away form to the Registrar before the courses are taken. All grades will be registered on JCU transcripts and factored into your CUM GPA at JCU.

! Students receiving U.S. government financial aid must check with the JCU Financial Aid Office before enrolling in courses at other institutions.

! Students are not to complete thesis courses or major program capstone courses at other institutions ! 

Direct Exchange Program: Institutions and official course catalogs

Below you will find the complete list of institutions that are part of our Direct Exchange Program. By clicking on any of the institutions listed below you will be automatically redirected to that university's official course catalog. This may be particularly useful to obtain course descriptions as well as to check specific course offerings for the Fall and Spring semester at each institution.

General information regarding pre-approved courses and course approval

Pre-approved courses are courses which have been already evaluated and an equivalency has already been established. You are not limited to these pre-approved courses when applying to study abroad at one of these institutions. If the course that you wish to attend is not listed on the catalog below, please email the course syllabus to for approval.

Remember that an official Course Away Form must always be handed in to the Registrar's Office, once you have been accepted into a university program abroad.


Requesting and submitting official transcripts

In order to transfer the credits for courses taken abroad, the Registrar's Office must receive official transcripts  from the institution where you conducted your study abroad semester.

Official transcripts must be submitted, in one of the following ways:

  • sent via air-mail, in an official, sealed envelope
  • sent via script-safe electronic transcripts
  • hand delivered by the student in an official, sealed envelope

Mailing address for air-mail and overnight deliveries:

John Cabot University
Attn. Hellen Vera Chilelli
Associate Registrar

Registrar's Office
Via della Lungara, 233
Rome (RM) - 00165 - Italy

Email address for script-safe transcript submission: