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Academic Transfer Credit Policies


To obtain transfer course approval, you must:

  1. Meet with your Academic Advisor to make sure that studying abroad fits well with your academic plan
  2. Plan on attending a regionally accredited U.S. higher education institution or a recognized university in any other country. For questions regarding institutional accreditation or recognition, please contact us.
  3. Take academic courses that do not repeat material that you ave already completed.
  4. Take all coursework in the proper sequential order (i.e. you may not take MA 198 Calculus abroad if you should have taken MA 197 Pre-Calculus first at JCU).
  5. Obtain pre-approval for all your selected courses from the Registrar's Office by submitting a Course Away Form.

To receive credit, you must:

  1. Keep in mind that transfer credits are not awarded in advance. The Registrar's Office will only evaluate non-JCU coursework after courses have been completed and an official transcript with final grades has been received. 


Access this section for information regarding pre-approved course equivalencies with our Direct Exchange partners

Access this section for information regarding independent study abroad