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Using Library Study Spaces: Due to the current social distancing regulations, access to the library is limited to the members of the JCU community (students, faculty, staff). Study spaces are currently available only to JCU members, who are encouraged to book their spot through the EasyDesk app. The app is available on the Google Play store and Apple App store. Study spots can be booked in advance through the app's Search option, to guarantee a spot, or when you arrive at the library through a feature called Fast Booking.



EasyDesk is an app that allows you to book library study seats. While its use is no longer mandatory to access the library, a booking through EasyDesk will give a person priority over anyone who sits down in a spot without booking. If a patron sits down in a seat booked by someone else, they will have to leave as soon as the person with the booking arrives.

The app is available for download from the Google Play store or the App Store for iPhone.

EasyDesk can only be used on mobile devices.

Follow these steps to get started:

Create an Account

Before you can use EasyDesk, you will need to create an account. Sign up with any email that you have access to (it does not have to be your JCU email). Usernames should be at least 5 characters and contain only numbers and letters. Passwords should be at least 9 characters.

You will receive a confirmation email shortly, at the email address you used to sign up. It may take a few minutes to arrive. If after some time the confirmation email does not arrive, go back to the email confirmation screen and click ‘send’ to send another email. If the confirmation email still does not arrive and you are not able to create an account, please email for assistance. Please note that staff can create reservations for you, but ONLY if you already have an account set up.

Using EasyDesk in the Frohring Library

To book a study spot through EasyDesk in the library, you have two options: Search and Fast Booking. We encourage students to book their spaces ahead of time using the Search feature.

When you first login to EasyDesk, click on "New Booking" or the "+" symbol to begin your reservation. Then click on the "Study" option. From there, you will see the choice to book your spot through either Fast Booking or Search.

To use Search, choose a day that you’d like to book, and a check-in and check-out time. There is a pre-set cleaning interval from 2:00pm-2:30pm in all rooms from Monday to Friday, and you will not be able to book a seat over this cleaning interval. Please note that with the Search option, you will have 15 minutes from the beginning of your reservation time to physically show up at the spot reserved and check in by scanning the QR code or using NFC. If you do not scan the code, your reservation will expire and your booking will be cancelled.

With Fast Booking, you can book your seat from inside the library once you arrive. Go to the spot you would like to book, open the app and choose Fast Booking, and then scan the QR code on the desk or use NFC by turning the NFC option on on your phone and placing it near the EasyDesk tag. You will then be asked to select your spot and choose an end time. After doing so, you will be checked in.

If you need help checking in, please speak to the librarian on duty. 

Looking for a specific library spot, a spot with a computer, or a spot in a quiet study area? You can consult the seating map further down this page.

Checking into a Study Spot 

How to Check In

When you arrive in the library, remember to always check in at any study spot by scanning its QR code or using NFC. The QR codes/NFC tags are located on the desk at your chosen seat. You do not have to scan out when you leave as you will choose an end time at booking.

After scanning with Fast Booking, you will be asked to click on your spot and choose an ending time. After doing so, you will be automatically checked in.

If you book your spot through the Search option, you must scan the QR code or NFC to check in once you reach your study spot.

Booking Time Periods

On EasyDesk, each seat will have scheduled time periods in which you can book.

On weekdays, all spots have a period of 8am-2pm and another period of 2:30pm-closing. All library study spaces are closed from 2:00pm-2:30pm for cleaning and cannot be booked during this time.

On weekends, all spots have one period during opening hours of 12:00pm-8:45pm. The Upper Reading Room, however, is closed on weekends.

* Important: Multiple bookings in one study spot during the same time period *

Within these time periods, multiple patrons can book the same spot for different times.

For example, Student A can book spot 94 in Reading Room 1 from 8am until 11am. Then Student B can book the spot 94 from 11am to 12:30pm. Then Student C can book spot 94 from 1pm-2pm. This is all doable within the same 8am-2pm time period. EasyDesk is slightly tricky on accomplishing this, however. After Student A has booked spot 94 from 8am-11am, if Student B looks at this spot starting at anytime before 11am, they will be shown that the spot is "Already taken".



If Student B changes the "Starts At" to 11am or after, the space will show up as available, and they can then book it.



Student C could then make the same adjustment by changing their starting time to after 12pm, when Student B's reservation expires. 

While there is currently no calendar view to see what times a spot is exactly booked for, patrons can adjust their start time to see if a spot becomes free. They can also ask library staff who, through the admin platform, can see the ending time of reservations.

Tech Issues

In case you are experiencing any difficulties or issues while using the EasyDesk app, please write directly to

Library Study Spaces - Cleaning Break

During the weekdays, there will be a half an hour period, from 2:00pm to 2:30pm, where all study spaces (Reading Rooms, Learning Hall, Aurelian Wing and Upper Reading Room) will be CLOSED for cleaning. Patrons will be asked to leave with their things so that cleaners can clean all rooms.

Throughout this cleaning break, patrons are still welcome to visit the library for walk-in requests such as checking out books or reference help. 

Cleaning spray and paper towels are available in all study spaces in case students want to disinfect their own study spots outside of normal cleanings.

Library Study Seat Map