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Interlibrary Loan Services: Home

How to Get Items from Other Libraries

Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Services  (ILL/DDS) can be used to get materials that are not available in the Frohring Library collections. They include "returnable" items (such as books) and "non-returnable" items (copies sent by mail, fax or e-mail).

According to standard interlibrary practices, the lending library determines which materials can be loaned, the loan duration, whether users will be allowed to check out the items, possible fees, and shipment procedures.

Libraries do not usually lend the following items:

  • media (DVDs, CDs, etc.)
  • issues and volumes of journals
  • newspapers
  • maps
  • e-books
  • reference books
  • textbooks
  • rare books
  • theses


ILL/DDS services are available to the entire JCU community.



Only 5 requests may be active at any given time.

Textbooks used in JCU courses cannot be requested as an Interlibrary Loan.


Fees and costs

ILL/DDS services are free for Faculty members, Graduate students and Thesis students; other patrons are required to pay related charges.

The Library will always try to apply the most effective and cheap solution, and will not require any processing fee. However, it is not always possible to determine charges in advance: shipment costs, generally quite high, vary depending on distance and weight, and additional fees might be applied by the lending library.

The provision of  non returnable items is often free. When applied, library charges are modest. For example,  copying a 15 page article does not normally exceed € 6. The provision of returnable items involves refunding shipping costs. They vary from € 8/12 (delivery in Italy) to €12-30 (international delivery).

The Library Staff will inform patrons about the actual costs and will activate their requests only after e-mail confirmation.


Time required

The Library will make every attempt to make the material available as soon as possible. However, no library can guarantee delivery time. It may take from one week (national deliveries) to four weeks to receive requested materials.


Loan periods

Loan rules and periods are established by the lending library and must be respected in order to guarantee the ability of our library to continue borrowing. Renewal requests must be made before the due date expires. The lending library reserves the right to recall their items and decides whether users are allowed to check them out.



Requests for copies must be made in accordance with the Italian copyright law. Libraries are authorized to supply photocopies for personal use, but the right to copy is limited to 15% of the total number of pages of the original item. The Library reserves the right to refuse to accept a request for a copy if it believes that fulfilling the request would involve violation of the copyright law. 


Requests, Notifications and Pick-up

Before posting a request, patrons should check our catalog and electronic collections that the needed item is not already present in the Library.

Requests can be placed directly in JCU Discovery. For more information about requesting items, patrons can contact the library staff or they can read the guide on how to request an item from another library.

Moreover, requests can be placed via email (, in which case they must include a full bibliographic citation of the document required.

The Library staff will notify patrons when items arrive and are available at the Welcome Desk. The documents will be on hold for one week; patrons who do not pick up requested items within this time will not be allowed to send other requests.

For returning items, a book drop box is available at the entrance of the Guarini campus.


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