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Digital Assignments: Voyant Tools

How to Use Voyant Tools


Introduction to Voyant Tools

Voyant Tools is a web-based text reading and analysis environment. It is a scholarly project that is designed to facilitate reading and interpretive practices for digital humanities students and scholars as well as for the general public.

Possible goals:

  • learn how computers-assisted analysis works
  • study texts (found on the web, or edited and stored on a computer)
  • add interactive evidence or interactive panels to your essays (online)

Adapted from:!/guide/about

Associated Key Concepts

Close reading "is an approach to texts that pays particular attention to their semantic and formal features and often finds in those features a complex coherence and purpose"
(from The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and PoeticsCredo Reference)

Distant reading "is an approach that is often referred to as going against the grain of what usually constitutes a core value in literary studies, namely close reading"
(from The Routledge Companion to World Literature, Credo Reference)

Corpus (Latin, "body") "The whole body or substance of something, especially the complete collection of writings on one subject or by one person. In lexicography, a corpus is a collection of examples of written or spoken language used for research purposes."
(from Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and FableCredo Reference)



Help Page


Projects Made with Voyant Tools - Case Studies