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The current social distancing restrictions have blocked  exchanges of physical items between libraries. However, we are still able to provide document delivery services for journal articles and book chapters within copyright regulations (15% of the entire work).


How to Request an Item from Another Library


Our catalog includes millions of holdings from world libraries. When you are interested in an item that is not held by the Frohring Library (like in the image below), you can ask for an Interlibrary Loan.


1. Click on the title to access the item record, then press the red button Request Item through ILL at the bottom of the page:


2. Read carefully the information provided on the page:

Information to Patrons

Dear Patron, your request will be processed within 24 working hours and you will receive an automated notification as soon as the item you requested will be ready for pick up or check out. Here you will find some general information on our interlibrary loan and document delivery services, for further details please check our policy.

- LIMITS Only 5 ILL requests may be active at a time.

- TIME REQUIRED It usually takes less than a week to get articles and photocopies via email; book shipment requires from one (national loans) to four weeks (international loans).

- COSTS Interlibrary loan and document delivery services are free for Faculty, Graduate Students and Thesis Students; other patrons are required to refund shipping and other costs. If you are not eligible for free services, please be aware that costs vary, ranging from € 8-12 (national shipping) to € 12-30 (international shipping). Some libraries require minor fees for their document delivery services.

The Library Staff will always look for the most convenient and efficient solution and will inform you about the exact amount necessary before activating the transaction. Indicating the maximum amount you are willing to pay may speed up this process.

3. Fill in the interlibrary loan form and press Submit:

4. The following message will confirm your submission:

An email will notify you when the item is ready for pick up from the Welcome Desk.