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MKT 301 Principles of Marketing: Getting Started - Industry Analysis

Industry Profiles

Finding information on industries will require reviewing reports from multiple sources in order to get a complete picture of the industry. Key characteristics of the industry include geographic scope of the industry, the boundaries of the industry, the dominant economic characteristics of the industry, and main competitors in the industry.


Industry profiles can be found in these databases in the library collection:

  • Click on Industries and then select on the industry that better describe the sector you are investigating.
  • Select Industry Profiles to have the full list of reports available.
  • Filter further by:
    • Industry
    • Geography
    • Publication Date
  • Type the name of the selected industry;
  • Narrow down your search by using the limit Document type;
  • Select Industry overview.
  • Go to Industries on the top menu;
  • Select the Consumer Products you are interested in;
  • Use the Search Tree to choose a product category; or
  • Use the Analysis Finder to select a specific type of analysis.
  • Go to the top drop-down menu and select All Sources;
  • Type BMI in the Search within Sources field;
  • Thys will give you a list of Business Monitor International's Industry Reports;
  • Select the sector you are interested in;
  • Click on Add to search from the options menu;
  • Type keywords and start searching.

Browsing Industry Reports:

  • Click on Reports
  • Select Industry Reports

Searching for Statistics:

  • Select Statistics
  • Select a sector among Consumer Goods & FMCG, Internet, Media & Advertising, Retail & Trade, Sports & Recreation ,Technology & Telecommunications,Transportation & Logistics, and Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

Industry Analysis

Finding an analysis of the industry may be helpful in identifying market segments, trends and key success factors for the industry.

An industry profile search may be sufficient to find this type of information. In some cases, more in depth research on trade publications, newspapers and magazines.

  • Search for trade publications and magazines.
  • Search for opinions, articles, and briefings.
  • Search for newspapers, magazines and business news.
  • Search for  Analyst Insights and Analyst Comments
  • Search for trade publications, reports, and magazines.

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