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Italian Politics and Society: Find Books

Italian Politics in the Library Collections

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Books related to Italian politics and society can be found in several sections of the Library collection.


If you want to give an historical perspective to your research, you should browse the DG  section (history of italy).

DG571-572: History of Italy from 1919 to 1945 (Fascism)

DG576-583.8: History of Italy fro 1948 to the present (Republic)

DG819-875: History of Southern Italy


If you want to investigate different aspects of the society, the section you should look at is H (social sciences). In particular:

HQ: Role of family, marriage, and women

HV6441: Organized crime, Mafia

HN: Social conditions


If you are interested in a more political and legal perspective, J and K are the two sections to browse, especially:

JN5201-5690: Political institutions and public administration in Italy

KKH1-4999: Italian law

Subjects in the Library Catalogs

Try to make the most out of the subject headings in the library catalogs. Some examples of official subject headings are listed below:


Subject headings can be subdivided in one or more elements. The first element is the main heading and tells you what the book is about; the subsequent elements are called subdivisions, they follow the main heading, and add specificity to the main topic.

Some subdivisions can be very helpful for improving your research. Here are some examples:


-- Politics and government: describes the history of political events of a place as well as governmental and political institutions - this keyword is very generic, but you can combine it with the name of a country.

-- Economic aspects: explores the economic situation.

-- Political aspects: is used to stress the political dimension of a non-political topic

ex.: Mass media -- Political aspects -- Italy

-- Social conditions: describes the sociology of a place, ethnic group or class.

ex.: Italy -- Social conditions-- 1976-1994

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