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FINAL GRADES: Submission

The Registrar's Office will request submission of all final grades through the Online Grading Portal at the end of every semester and summer session. Should grades not be received by the assigned deadline, the Registrar's Office will administratively award your students a grade of NG (No Grade).

FINAL GRADES: Academic Policies

Final Grades must be submitted in letter format (A through F). Your calculations must respect and match JCU's official grading policy. When converting final course percentages into letter grades you must follow the breakdown below. 

Incomplete Grading Policy: the grade of INC may be assigned only in cases where illness, hospitalization, death in the family, or other situations of similar gravity temporarily prevent completing of the required course work. Grades of INC will be granted only to students who have completed the majority of the course work with a grade of C- or above. To submit an incomplete Faculty must fill out an official Incomplete Grade Request Form.

Students who withdraw from classes will have a recorded on their transcripts and this will not affect their GPA.

Official JCU Grading Scale


Letter Grade Full Description GPA Equivalent % Equivalent
A Excellent 4.00 94/100 %
A-   3.67 90/93 %
B+   3.33 87/89 %
B Good 3.00 84/86 %
B-   2.67 80/83 %
C+   2.33 77/79 %
C Satisfactory 2.00 74/76 %
C-   1.67 70/73 %
D+   1.33 67/69 %
D Poor but passing 1.00 64/66 %
D-   0.67 60/63 %
F Failing 0.00 below 60%
INC Incomplete    

These guidelines are presented to provide Faculty and Students with a general idea regarding how letter grades are assigned at JCU. While each individual course may have different assessment criteria for each grade depending upon the material being taught, the general sense of academic expectations remains.


Grade Description of Academic Work

Work of this quality directly addresses the question or problem raised and provides a coherent argument displaying an extensive knowledge of relevant information or content. This type of work demonstrates the ability to critically evaluate concepts and theory and has an element of novelty and originality. There is clear evidence of a significant amount of reading beyond that required for the course.


This is highly competent level of performance and directly addresses the question or problem raised. There is a demonstration of some ability to critically evaluate theory and concepts and relate them to practice. Discussions reflect the student's own arguments and are not simply a repetition of standard lecture and reference material. The work does not suffer from any major errors or omissions and provides evidence of reading beyond the required assignments.

C This is an acceptable level of performance and provides answers that are clear but limited, reflecting the information offered in the lectures and reference readings. This level of performance demonstrates that the student lacks a coherent grasp of the material.
D Important information is omitted and irrelevant points included. In effect, the student has barely done enough to persuade the instructor that s/he should not fail.
F This work fails to show any knowledge or understanding of the issues raised in the question. Most of the material in the answer is irrelevant.