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Academic Resources

The Registrar's Office is located on the Guarini Campus - Via della Lungara, 233.

You should come to us:

  • if you have questions about Academic Policies
  • if you want to declare or change your major
  • if you need information on how to change your schedule
  • if you need a verification of enrollment
  • if you want an official copy of your transcripts
  • for any questions regarding Academics at JCU

During regular semesters classes usually meet twice a week, either Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday. Some classes may meet once a week for longer periods and/or can meet off-campus (these are generally Art History and practical Fine Arts courses).

No classes are scheduled on Fridays. However, Friday is used as a make-up day so make sure you check the Academic Calendar for any scheduled make-up days.

In the American system of higher education, the number of academic credits assigned to a course is determined by the number of weekly contact hours between students and instructor. Students are expected to attend class regularly and contribute with their participation to the experience of the class.

Specific requirements for attendance given in any given course, except as described below, are the prerogative of the instructor and will be stated in the courses syllabus distributed by the instructor at the beginning of the term. The responsibility for meeting the instructor's attendance rests on the students. Absences within those allowed by the instructor do not need to be excused. For more information regarding absences, please refer to our Academic Policies

Prior to your arrival and throughout the Orientation week and the first week of class, any relevant academic communication will be sent to your personal email address (usually the email account you used for your application). From the second week of class and until you graduate from John Cabot University any relevant academic communication will be sent to your official John Cabot University domain email. The responsibility to check this email regularly and to make sure that important communication is acknowledged rests on the student, as well as any potential consequences tied to not reading official academic messages.