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EU students require this Statement for admission to an Italian university. It contains general information related to the foreign university qualification such as recognition/accreditation status of the issuing institution and the level of the qualification according to the Bologna Process and the European Qualifications Framework. Some Italian universities may also require EU students to submit the Dichiarazione di Valore (see above).


Since 1984, CIMEA - Information Centre on Academic Mobility and Equivalence has been engaged in the field of information and consulting services relating to the procedures for the recognition of academic qualifications and to issues relating to Italian and international higher education and training.

CIMEA is the official Italian centre within the NARIC - National Academic Recognition Information Centres – network of the European Union and the ENIC - European National Information Centres – network of the European Council and of UNESCO.

CIMEA supports academic mobility in all its forms and facilitates the understanding of the components of the Italian and foreign higher education and training systems and promotes the principles of the Lisbon Convention in the field of academic qualification recognition.

CIMEA has implemented a Credential Information Service – CIS, a service of certification and comparison of Italian and foreign qualifications, with a view to rendering qualifications increasingly more comprehensible and recognizable in a national and international context.

The Statement of Comparability contains general information related to the foreign university qualification such as recognition/accreditation status of the institution from which it has been issued in the country of origin and the level of the qualification according to the Bologna Process and to the European Qualifications Framework. The nature of the course (academic or professional) is also indicated.

Such comparison does not imply the formal recognition of foreign qualification within the Italian system, but it is a useful recommendation to the Italian institutions that have to evaluate the foreign qualification within recognition procedures: the Statement of comparability has the form of an advice, and does not bind the institutions during their own procedures of assessment and recognition.

The service is only available for official university qualifications (being officially part of the foreign system of higher education) issued by foreign official institutions (recognized/accredited in the foreign system of higher education).

John Cabot University has stipulated an agreement with CIMEA - Information Centre on Academic Mobility and Equivalence, for the issuing of the Statement of Comparability and Statement of Verification of foreign university degrees.  Both the Statement of Comparability and the Statement of Verification are managed within the Diplome platform, completely in English.

With Diplome, CIMEA issues its own Statements of Comparability on blockchain, thus allowing degree holders to share their qualifications with any institution in the world in a simple, secure, and certified manner.

In addition to the Statement of Comparability, CIMEA issues the Statement of Verification, which certifies the bona fide granting of academic or secondary school diplomas by a foreign institution. 



JCU graduates who are interested in requesting a Statement of Comparability and/or a Statement of Verification can create an account on the dedicated DiploMe portal

Once the MyDiplome account is created, students will be able to manage all contacts with CIMEA representatives autonomously and in particular, they will:

  • find all necessary information regarding the application for the Statements of Comparability and/or Verification;
  • have access to a dedicated section called “Required Documents,” which provides a list for all countries in the world, of the documents that must be submitted to apply for the Statements;
  • be able to download the Consent Form, which must be completed, signed, and attached to the Statement request;
  • be able to contact Cimea’s expert directly through the “Info Request” service, for any information at any time.

Users will be able to follow the status of any requests submitted to CIMEA directly in the “My Services” section of their MyDiplome account.

Once issued by CIMEA, the Statements of Comparability and Verification will be sent in pdf format directly to the person making the request, through the “My Services” section. Subsequently, the Statements will be published in the digital Wallet, thus they will be officially registered and shareable directly by students through blockchain technology. 

The Statement is only available in Italian. There is no cost for this service.